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Birding Safari to Uganda
Uganda is a home to over 1057 bird species and counts to over 50% of Africa’s bird count and 11% of world’s bird count which spreads to different various tourist destination which includes national parks, swamps, lakes, rivers, forests and many other areas. There a number of popular African bird species in Uganda which include ostrich’s bird of kidepo valley national park, marabou stork that commonly spotted on lake shores and in the city towns of Uganda mostly in Kampala, short tailed wabler, kingfishers,pigeons,Egyptian geese, grey crowned crane known as Uganda bird great blue turaco , elusive shoebill stork among others
Be part of our guided birding safaris and explore the best of Uganda, best birding spots with big number of birdlife like queen Elizabeth national park with over 600 bird species, Murchison falls national with 455 bird species , Semuliki national park with 450 species and known as the true birders heaven. And away of your adventure birding trip with African skimmer tours add wildlife viewing, primate watching, gorilla tracking, boat rides and cultural encounters. Other popular birding spots include the Mabamba swamp on shores of Lake Victoria, Royal mile in Budongo forest, Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park.
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Best Season:throughout the year
Popular Location: mabamba swamp, queen elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, kibale forest national park, semuliki national park, bundogo royal mile, murchison falls national park

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    This is an once-in-a-lifetime bird Watching and game viewing experience. This Safari takes you to all Uganda’s prime birding spots including Africa’s number one bird watching spot Bwindi Impenetrable National…

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